Meet Deepti Sharma

I’m a first-gen American, born and raised in Flushing – I’m a proud resident and working mother running for New York City Council to represent Queens’ 24th District. I will do what it takes to build stronger communities for all. 

My husband Abhinav and I are raising our two children, Zubin and Chetan, in the same neighborhood I grew up in. I attended public schools my entire life and now as a mother, I’m sending my children to the same schools I attended and encountering many of the same challenges, now compounded by these unprecedented times. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been on the frontlines of this crisis and experienced its catastrophic impact on NYC. As a community organizer, I led grassroot efforts to tackle food insecurity bringing food to thousands of frontline workers, domestic violence shelters, and nursing homes. This is very personal to me as the Founder of Food to Eat, a small business that empowers hundreds of New York restaurants to grow their businesses. 

My work has been recognized by the NYC Mayor’s WE NYC initiative, the World Economic Forum Global Shapers and Forbes 30 Under 30. I also served on the Board for the Business Center for New Americans, a non-profit that encourages immigrant entrepreneurship by providing micro-loans and financial education. 


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Deepti Leading Food Relief During COVID